Fresh Wood Betony, Wild Violets, (fresh leaves + dried flowers), Mimosa bark, Hawthorn Berries, fresh Rose petals, fresh Lemon Balm, and a fat pinch of dried dandelion flower petals. Rose Water, Vodka, local honey, Lavender essential oil. 


This one is for emotional heart ouchies. A few drops under the tongue to soothe a tender feeling, while honoring you feeling what you feel. Let your self be tended to with these calming, loving, easing herbs. 


1oz $15. 1/2 oz also available $8 each. 1/2 oz listed separately, add a note as to which elixirs you want in 1/2 oz size. 

Heart Ease Elixir

  • no refunds unless package arrives broken.

  • Shipping will be calculated based on how much ordered and how far it is going. Actual shipping plus a bit to get it boxed and to the post office. If you are local, I'll meet you with the goods! :)   

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