Herbs  lovingly harvested from my garden (or by me locally) dried and immersed in Morrocan extra virgin olive oil. These are NOT essential oils. They are oils crafted by marinating the herbs in the oil to marry the herbal goodness, not through a distillation process which creates a much more concentrated (and higher priced) herbal result. 


Olive oil is a deeply nourishing and supportive oil for the skin. The skin drinks in the oil with the chosen herb providing another layer of blessings. We use drops, and mindfully and lovingly spiral the oils into our hands, feet, face (I have used Rose petal infused olive oil on my face for years now.) A single drop can be offered to the Third Eye chakra (or any other chakra) as if offering to an altar, slowly rubbing it in, relishing in the experience and communion of herb to You, You to herb. The Ayurvedic ritual of skin oiling is both a healthy and self loving practice worth exploring. 


Choose from the following (be sure to add which you want to the notes when you order!) 

*Lavender- calming, loving, softening the stance, opening Grace. Harvested from my organic garden, Adams county, PA 


*St John's Wort- Calming, relieves stress both emotionally and physically, soreness. Reported to help with shingles, herpes, cold sores. Wild Harvested in Adams county, PA


*Mugwort- Premium dream herb, and often using for annointing in protection spells and setting intentions. Try rubbing a drop into your third eye at bedtime. Harvested from a friend's garden in York county, PA


*Rose Petal- All things love. Roses contain the high vibration of Love. Try a few drops on the altar of your heart when you need to remember you are the essence of Love Itself. Harvested from my organic garden, Adams county, PA


*Garden Weeds- Calendula, Plantain and Comfrey- A powerhouse of skin drenching healing. Excellent for extra dry or chapped skin. This is the oil I use to make my Garden Weeds Salve. 


Comfrey- a controversial herb in the Herbalist cabinet, comfrey is used to heal bruises, sprains and other injuries, accelerating healing. The caution arrives in the form of pyrrolizidine alkaloids. There is a lot of info available on Google, both for and against. I suggest you travel that rabbit hole if you'd like to be more educated and form an opinion. *Do not use on open wounds.* It provides such powerful and quick healing it can seal the bacteria inside the healing area. It is often used as a healer for broken bones, with the same caution, it can work so quickly that you must wait for bone to set before using or bone can set improperly. Do not use internally. Harvested from a friend's garden in Adams County, PA


*Rosemary- Can relieve sciatica pain, arthritis pain, gout pain, bcak pain and stiff neck. It can also help headaches and even menstrual pain. It is an antispasmodic and an anti-inflammatory. It is also a powerful disinfectant and antibiotic so can be massaged into face to help clear acne and oily skin. Also reported to lighten dark spots! Try massaging a few drops into your hair to stimulate hair follicles. And of course, you can always use a few drops in cooking to enliven the flavor of dinner. Harvested from my organic garden Adams County, PA


*Dreamy Love- This one is a combo of Mugwort and Rose petal. 


These are all 1oz dropper bottles. I use clear glass as the oils are so lovely to see. Store in a dark cabinet. 


***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. These oils are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Contraindications may exist. Consult your doctor for any further advice. 

Skin Quench oils

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