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Herbal Creations
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The herbal creations I offer are truly one of my deepest delights. Many of the herbs are collected from my own organic garden, or nearby gardens I know to be chemical free.


What I wouldn't give to grow a Cinnamon tree here in my PA garden! LOL. The herbs, petals and twigs are often collected during new or full moons, although sometimes the opportunity to collect aligns when it wants to. Words of gratitude are whispered to every plant harvested. I think fondly of how many times I say "thank you" to a large patch of Wild Violets on a mid spring day as I pinch hundreds of flowers. Or swoon with Roses as I collect for my jam, teas, elixirs, and salt soaks, each one offering fragrance and soft texture of the silky petals. I am defy having a deep love affair with roses! Did you ever sip rain water from a freshly spiraled open rose? #ecstasy #energydrink I also have my spotify on singing bowls or yoga chants as I craft, and all things are infused with Reiki. My goal is to provide high vibration herbal experiences with high quality materials. It is a pleasure and honor to commune with the plants, and offer them as part of your self-care. 

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Unwinding Session

During these sessions, you stay fully clothed and lay on a massage table. I weave the elements of Reiki with both Shamanic and Priestess techniques. Experience light touch and soft music. The session will inspire a gentle relaxing of your stance, your thoughts, your gripping and grasping. As we finish a session you will feel energized, yet calm and grounded, noticing the sweet relief of the tightness of everyday stress holding. 


Sound Session

During these sessions, you stay fully clothed and lay on a massage table. The table is surrounded by both crystal and metal singing bowls. Other sound tools such as hand drums, rattles, chimes, bells also may be used. My voice may come into play. All things are vibrating a sound pulse. Sometimes the sound that is unique to each one of us moves out of harmony due to physical or mental stress. A sound session is offered to your system to move the energy of you into a state of harmony and balance. 


Private Shamanic Pranayama Session

Designed to stir up the energy, “dismember”, though a specific breathing sequence. This can facilitate deep emotional releases. The session begins with a chat, then the Pranayama, then sound, and finishes with Reiki to “re-member.” 



 1 hour $70, 1.5 hours $90

Soul Gazing sessions

Look closely, look deeper, See and be Seen. An intense 30 minute session of gazing at each other, bathed in reiki, and crystal energies. Often invites deep emotional releases and shifts in Beingness. 

1/2 hour $55

Unwinding Sessions
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 Coming soon, the availability of pictures of flowers and nature scenes


. I am rarely without my camera, and my eyes are always drinking in the scenes. It is more of a communion with the plant or experience, not a capture. Seeing in a deeper way, with gratitude for the delight of vision. The flowers seem to beckon me. I feel my roots grow into the tree's. Ocean waves remind me of my rhythm. Pulling the car over for sunrises, sunsets, wild creeks. Chasing butterflies waiting for them to land and bask. It's just so very good to be in the noticing. I'll be offering both matted pictures and note cards, and have a dream to offer Wisdom cards. I also dream of a book combining photography and my prose. So many ideas expanding and beckoning..... Thank you for being part of my journey Here. 

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Developing as time or materials present,

I will have rattles with handles made from tree roots or lightning struck branches. I use material that belonged to my grandmother. Raw hides, ethically gathered. High quality bells and embellishments. The altar cloths are made with high quality cotton, with designs either sewn or "couched" on with interesting threads and yarns. Spirit dolls have always fascinated me, and I look forward to beginning to craft them. Other found objects will be added as appropriate to make each craft fully unique and of sacred value. 

Shaman Crafts
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Mystic Circles are Sacred gatherings of like minded people, and the curious, to deepen with a topic. These topics "arrive" into my awareness as I set the date of the Circle and begin to weave in the unseen in preparation for the gathering. We discuss the topic, and have a release and a manifestation ceremony related to our topic. Previous topics have been "In-spansion", Expansion, Sovereignty, Imagine, and others. Shamanic Pranayama, a meditation involving an intense breathing is also part of our Circles. They generally occur during the Solstice or Equinox. 


Woo-Woo Lite is an idea I had to bring a Circle to a group of friends, sort of like "Paint Nite". The host/hostess would invite their friends to their house for this event. The Circle serves people who are curious about what this whole spirituality thing is all about, and yet not confident to go to a Mystic Circle. A sort of dipping your toes in the water. These would involve the same as above, in a lighter dose, beginner level, and an easy meditation. There will be a craft too, a list will be provided to the host to choose from. Perhaps an herbal salt soak craft, or a rock painting. $33 per person, with the host/hostess free. A two hour event, 10 people minimum. BYOB is ok too, if desired by the host/hostess. 

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I have been a Landscape Designer for over 30 years, with my tag line being "not just green shrubs". I have immersed deeply into the study of ornamental plants, known as "Horticulture". I design four season residential gardens, and smaller commercial properties, that are year 'round interesting without high maintenance involved.


I love to use natives, and still love to use all the "crayons" in my crayon box, believing the site holds the clues for which plant will do best. I hand draw all my designs, which gives me time to linger and imagine what the plantings will look like in the future, and how certain combinations i.e. color, texture will instigate a deeper thrill level to the landscape. I am very versed in plants, to include culture requirements, deer resistance, and which plants I won't use. I love to use perennials and annuals. I also am sensitive to what the client wants, providing a questionnaire to dial in to wants and needs. Landscape designs start at $250, with many full house designs $500-$750. A good landscape design will add value to your home for many years to come. 


Landscape consults are an hour visit on the property to discuss future plans, what plants may need to be replaced, and sketches to provide information for plantings of smaller areas. These can also be helpful to provide plant identification, maintenance information and/or insect-disease issues. $100 per hour consult, depending on drive distance, a surcharge may be added for outlying areas outside of Camp Hill/Mechanicsburg area.    


I also am available for garden speeches, at $100+ per hour to local garden clubs, churches and other organizations. 


Visit my Facebook page "Erica Jo's garden". Looking forward to growing with you! :) 

Mystic Circles
Landscape Design
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