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I heard a butterfly talk!

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

While visiting a dear friend for her birthday, I admired her huge patch of multicolored Zinnias. A few bright Cosmos also had seeded here. The day was sunny and bright. The temperature perfect. That kind of summer day that all summer days would be compared to.

Not only were the blossoms full on gorgeous, the area was a landing pad for the area butterflies. Black Swallowtails, Western Swallowtails, Monarchs, Fritillary and Hummingbird Moths. I was geeking out. It was like an airport of comings and goings. My friend is an organic gardener and has lots of dill- a favorite of the caterpillars. And she doesn't mind sharing. :) The ability for the cycling- caterpillar to butterfly, with no chemicals being strewn, made this a butterfly hot spot!

I ran and got my camera and started snapping pics to get perfect shots for our FB page. The Swallowtails were so full of energy, quivering their wings at the thought of meeting the Zinnia. They almost seemed nervous in the introductions, wings flapping quickly in the excitement. The Monarchs were fewer, most likely more interested in the Milkweed blooms down by the pond. The Fritillary was shy, mostly drinking with her wings closed above her head. It took longer to get her pic- finally she grew less worried about my presence. Wow-wee what a gorgeous pattern on her beautiful wings as she extended them flat! The Swallowtails basked, their wings open as they forgot their nervousness and sipped the delicious nectar. The hummingbird moths were fearless...or not as concerned about being eaten by a passing bird! They buzzed from flower to flower. Dipping, sipping and zipping. :)

So as I stood there, also basking, there came a point when there were about a dozen butterflies visiting the grand Zinnia patch. I scrambled with my camera, my own excitment building, trying to manuever into place to grab the perfect pics.

Then something really magical happened. I decided that I had enough pictures to choose from. I surrendered into the moment, feeling the sun as if I too was a butterfly. Feeling such a profound sense of joy to be in the company of these beautiful, fragile, wonder full, enchanting creatures. To land and introduce ones self to a bright carefully reach in for, and experience, the heart of the bloom. Fluttering.

I heard their wings beating.

My heart swells with deep, bursting joy at the memory of it. As I stood there, in this spellbinding moment, I heard them. I was them!

Crazy talk, I know.


Carefree Flight,


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