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How to Grow Dandelions

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

It starts with making a wish. You could wish for anything, really. World Peace, the collapse of Monsanto, or homemade ice cream every night for desert. I am sure you have a few wishes you can think of.

Then you locate a dandelion plant who happens to be at the perfect seed expansion for wishing with. A magical, nearly transparent sphere atop a tubular stem. You can tell the ones that are ready, they seem to quiver in anticipation of release.If you aren't sure, ask a child- they always know which ones are ready.

Oh so carefully, pluck the stem low from the plant. If you are too eager to get to your wish, the seeds may fly off into the wind before you get a chance! Depending on its stage of magical-ness, you may have a few of the filaments launch off, unable to contain their patience for flight even one more second.

Now here it gets a little tricky. Stem in hand, hold this precious magical orb about four to six inches out from your face. Really look at it. See it. A totally amazing piece of art, all white spokes radiating from a central point. A beautifully symmetrical design! At each end, a further dissection of an already thin line, creating extra poof for traveling. Take a few soft deep breaths, with slow exhales as you gaze at the wonder of this beautifully constructed masterpiece. You must see it to believe it. The transparency, the wonder-full-ness.

Think about your wish. And of course, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!

Now, a nice deep breath in, and slowly blow directly onto the dandelion seeds. Watch as they set themselves free of the stem, and begin to travel on the light breeze. See them dancing, perhaps even giggling as they somersault in the air. Your wish travels with them. Eventually they will land, find a small spot of open ground, and begin new life.

Crazy? Maybe. Maybe not.

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