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A Thanks Giving

Mud puddles. Puddling butterflies. Dandelions. Flowers growing in sidewalk cracks. Dew covered grass. Sunrises, sunsets. Rainy days. The wind whispering to pine trees.

Baby praying mantis. Shade. Fruits, nuts, berries. Snowflakes. Hugging trees.

Mountain top mist. Being in the woods. Purple Petunias.

Babbling brooks. Autumn leaves on the ground. Colored twigs. Twigs with stripes. Spring peepers. Dirty garden gloves.

Walking barefoot. Jack Frost. Ripples. Reflections. Rocks. Stones. Pebbles.

The first Tomato. The first Strawberry. Old terracotta pots. Sunbeams.

East. South. West. North.

This year's growth.

The fragrance of Basil. Plant primping. Weeding. The feeling of an approaching thunderstorm. Birds at the feeder. Woodpeckers drumming in the distance.

Color. Green. Moss. Mushrooms on rotting wood. Searching vines tendrils. Tree climbing vegetables. Pine needle covering. Ferns.

Hummingbird chirps and dances. Chickadees chick-a-deeing. Hawks and Vultures soaring high in the sky. Clouds cruising. Starry, starry nights. Singing crickets. Hot summer nights.

New Moon, full moon, in-between moon. The sun always rising.

The energy of Spring. Flower bud poised to open. A seed's potential. Winter nights waiting.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

~ Erica

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