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Hello loves.

I wanted to share a bit about my weekend. I was co hosting a women’s retreat and arrived early at the center to get a walk in the woods. Always delighted to see what treasures will show up. The first thing to see was a log covered with “wood ear” mushrooms. I smiled deeply to know they were listening, as I looked at the symbols carved by insects. During that walk I crossed paths with a deer skull, which I felt to leave where it was. (I’ve stopped feeling like I need to bring every treasure home! lol) I sprinkled a few dried rose petals on its crown area. I continued wandering and arrived in front of a tree which had a little pool of water being held in its trunk. The water bubbled a bit as if to say hello! I sprinkled my petals at the base of the tree in gratitude. The picture shows Water Sprites revealing themselves! I spent some time breathing with the rushing woodland creek then headed back to continue preparing for the retreat.

After the retreat I had my car warmed up and was preparing to leave. I was the last one there. I felt a big urge to return to the woods. I turned my car off and added another layer as it was cold and lightly sprinkling. Just as I got to the edge of the woods, a Raven called out, quite insistently. I remembered I had an idea for my Womb Garden (I had been invited to make via an online class by Seren Bertrand) and went back to my car and got my pruners.

I found myself near the creek again, and spotted an old grapevine tangle hanging over the creek. That was the spot. I went past a wild rose which pawed and tugged on my clothing with Her thorns as I approached and greeted the grape, telling Her my intentions. (Lady Rose is one of my closest and dearest loves.) I stood precariously on the edge of the muddy and slippery bank reaching for thin grape vine twigs, finally stepping down into the cold water to harvest. I was weaving. When I felt this part of my womb craft was complete, I thanked the grape vine and started back to the path. The Rose again greeted me with her loving roughness. I left them both gratitude and dried rose petals.

I started back to my car, and as I was ready to go up the hill, the Raven started with Her guttural and raspy sounds. (I thought about keening!) Instead of going up the hill, I continued down the path to see why She was calling to me.

With our winter woods, She was easy to spot, sitting near Her nest. I thought I heard an Owl too! She continued with occasional throat sounds for a few minutes, then cawed and flew off. I headed towards the base of the tree, ducking through the wildness, knowing there’d be a feather gift for me. 😍 There was! I nearly burst in joy.

I headed back to the path and as soon as I got there, I saw an Owl pellet full of bones laying on the ground. I may have squealed when I saw it. *grin

I realized in my excitement I forgot to leave petals for the feather and headed back to that tree. Nearly there, and I found my first ever deer shed!!

So much nourishment to be had in Nature. Get outside!

Stay wild,

Erica Jo

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