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A Wander in the Woods

And I went in to the soul was crying for it. My head was telling me I had too much to do to allow that kind of luxury... And with that, I packed my car with my few wood-walk needs. A bit of birdseed, a bag in case I was lucky enough to find morels. A second bag for wild violets to craft a new Fairy Magic elixir.

I set off in a familiar direction, and then found myself wandering to a new spot. I walked along an obvious deer path, feeling in to the stillness and quiet they know. Light rustling in

the woods brought a quick surge of fear, followed quickly by curiosity. I determined it must be Fae playing. I smiled, and continued. Splashes of blue flowers led me deeper.

The rustling rustled as I stood still, breathing and listening. Moving forward, I had to crawl through a little doorway of sticks leaning on each other. Before me, magical patches of both yellow and purple wild violets, Virginia bluebells, and spring beauties (Claytonia).

Surely this is where the Fae come to dance!

A few more steps in and ooo! A Jack in the Pulpit. I let the wild violets lead me in deeper...a patch of wild ginger discovered. Tiny raindrops began to sound on the carpet of last autumn's brown leaves.

I picked and I picked and said thank you and thank you. I followed various crisscrossing deer trails. I found another Fairy village in a stand of Mayapple foliage. A huge bumblebee, obviously their lookout, circled me several times before floating off.

Did the Fae put a spell on me? I felt like I wanted to lay down and sleep. I wanted to simply stay there in the woods.

I stepped out into the field to clear my mind. The pull to go back into the woods was so strong. The rain drops were coming down with a bit more conviction, and I didn't care.

The lure of magic was beckoning me....I walked back in to the woods......

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