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Autumn quieting and nourishing...

Introducing the Wildly Crafted Woman Autumn Nourish Kit.

A lovely collection of goodies to treat yourself with, while boosting your immune system and spirit.

*Smudge Stick- (mixed herbs, all locally grown- mostly from my garden-and foraged, 6-8” in length)

*a WCW pack of handcrafted herbal tea- (1/4 cup- enough for a dozen 8oz cups of tea, choose from Pine Needle Chai, Winter Woods, or Witch’s Brew- ingredients available on my website)

*Sugar Body Scrub- Frankincense+ Lavender (4oz, crafted by Nancy Mayne, Wellness Within)

*Elderberry syrup- (4oz, must be refrigerated) OR Elderberry elixir (1oz, does not need to be refrigerated) Known to be a top notch immune system booster. I craft them both with ginger, reishi, local honey and other various strengthening herbs.)

*Fire Cider- (4 oz, made with Angelia Kuhn’s homemade Apple Cider Vinegar and immune boosting herbs and spicy roots.)

*Foot Salt Soak -Peppermint + Lime (single soak portion, also crafted by Nancy Mayne)

*Miracle Grains face nourishment-(enough for 2-4 cleanses or masks. French white clay, oatmeal, ground lavender buds, poppy seeds, blue corn, rose petals, almonds, lemon e.o.)

*Garden Weeds Salve- (1 oz. I infuse olive oil with Calendula, Plantain and Comfrey, then add in Shea and Cocoa butter, local bees wax and geranium e.o.)

*an Angel card will be included in each kit to invite a focus of contemplation.

These will be packed in a brown craft bag. There will be various locations where you can pick up your order.

If you need mailing, it is an available option. When ordering through my website you will be automatically charged for shipping. I will add a 1/2 oz elixir to those who are charged, and still pick up locally. You can also order by contacting me at my WCW FB page, send a pm.

Pre-paid orders only. Full kit $75, mini kit containing Herbal Tea, Sugar Scrub and choice of Elderberry syrup or elixir $44. Please be sure to leave a note for which elderberry and which tea you’d like, along with an email to contact you. Find the links to order either kit on my website, in the "store" area.

Thank you for you continued support. Blessings and Love in this season of release and change.


Erica Jo

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