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Butterfly Love

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

So this weekend I fell in love with a butterfly. She entered my awareness in a very charming way. As I started down a path to walk into the woods, a most magical sound above my head. A butterfly had swooped so close that I heard her wings fluttering before I saw her.

I immediately geeked out with a full infusion of bliss. :)

I locked in on her, watching her carefree flight. Low over the freshly leafing twigs, then dancing herself through the branches. Lifting on an invisible soft breeze. Wandering. Then...she landed on the ground in front of me. I scrambled to get my trusty camera out of my bag. Too much motion for she flew again...higher and higher, deeper into the woods she went.

Two of my dear friends arrived a few minutes later as I stood there breathing the delight of this gift that had just presented itself to me. I was glowing with gratitude and joy. I began to excitedly tell my friends about what I had just experienced. As I finished my story, she came, and landed on the ground about ten feet in front of us in a sweet patch of sunbeam. Camera already in hand, I stepped closer and closer to get the perfect picture of this captivating wonder.

She seemed to pose, even enjoying the attention. Basking, her wings flat, her beauty dazzling me. I snapped a few pictures, and she lofted again, making her way back into the woods.

My friends and I went deeper as well, finally parting as I headed off for some quiet time near the creek. After about an hour I headed back to the start point.

Walking up that path, the magical sound again. <geeeeeek> The sound of butterfly wings fluttering. Oh My Goodness. So here is where it really gets even more crazy cool.

She swooped over me, in front of me, behind me and around me. Inspecting me. She landed on various twigs, and then would wander off, then fly back over me. This went on for maybe 10 minutes. I may have stood there for days, time stood still as she enchanted me.

I was getting an idea she was having fun with me. She landed on the top of my head twice in her shenanigans! I decided I was going to invite her to land on my hand. I got my camera ready in my right hand, extended my left hand flat out in front of me. She swooped in several times investigating my hand, her tiny little feet barely touching my skin <geeeeeek>, then off she would flitter again before I could get the picture. The sound of her wings was intoxicating. I was being seduced!

"C'mon, c'mon..." I silently coaxed.

She landed on my wrist...the one that held the camera! I think I heard her giggle. She sat there, and we gazed at each other. (That also may have lasted a few days...)

She began a new technique, flying directly at the camera lens, and at the last pump of her delicate wings, gliding up over my head.

Apparently I was not the only one experiencing joy...!

She danced off deep into the woods, and I breathed a deep sweet breath. Wow-wee. What an adventure! I turned around and began to gather my water bottle and camera bag.

I felt her approach again. Really. Before I could pick my head up to look for her, the sound of butterfly wings fluttered above my head. I stood up, extended my hand, and she hovered, then landed, pumping her wings slowly and softly, as we stood there in the woods, in deep communion.

After about a minute (or a few days later?) she fluttered up, circled me once, then headed back into the woods.

Her name is Mourning Cloak. And I call her Love.

Get out(in)side.


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