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Seeds Fear Nothing...

One of my dearest dears, Alainna G. gave me a bracelet yesterday with "Seeds Fear Nothing" inscribed in it. I immediately felt the power of this phrase she had channeled in just for me. I also woke up yesterday with the Shawshank Redemption movie phrase "Get busy living or get busy dying" knocking around in my morning thoughts. The theme was on the table. It had been for awhile.

So much is changing, and well, it always is. "The only constant is change" is a well known phrase. Are the changes more potent than they have ever been? Is there more at stake? Are we more aware of our past-present-future due to media connections and involvements? Or is this the ever ever-ing of Expansion of a Creative Experience? What is our energy input into the Whole? How big are our tantrums? How deeply have we dug in, as opposed to rooted in?

Personally I've been mucking around in some shadow work, creating boundaries, (not easy for a Pisces), and stoking my daring. I've been growing. I've been feeling some isolation issues missing gathering with my friends, yet still longing for more solitude. I've been getting busy living, while feeling boxed in by the restrictions and restraints of the virus. Virus infect the host, and it has indeed infected, and affected, us each to our core. Then add the division of the election, where I personally have experienced the withholding of love and kindness because I didn't align with the "other side". Evidence of the poison of righteousness that has been programmed in, seemingly a different flavor of viral infection, causing violent communication. Lots of shadows hidden in that capsule....and they are all coming out to play.

My three words for 2021 are Dedication, Courage and Gratitude. These are my seeds, my companions, my focus and my guides. I dedicate myself to further unwinding and allowing the happiness of pursuit, courageously allowing each step, idea, and experience to be seen in the moment. Every morning before I get out of bed, I speak "Thank You". Every evening before I fall asleep, I speak "Thank You". Thank who? Me, you, everything, everyone, seen and unseen, known and unknown. It's sunny days, thunderstorms, long dark nights, prowling wild animals, full moons, sudden blustery winds and deep snowstorms. It's all. And it is All. Me the seed, divine in nature as we all are, continues to grow.

I am a seed of possibility, fearlessly emerging and boldly blooming. I intend to bask in my encounters, not wither in the passing storms of change.

Thank you for being part of my spiral. I am honored to be part of yours.

Love and love and love.

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