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As we reach the end of this crazy 2020 year, reflecting on what the heck just happened might be an interesting ponder. Of course the virus and the election loom large in the picture. I am curious however, what levels opened beneath the huge distractions. Isolation, fear of dying, fear of someone we knew dying, fear of catching it, those who still had to work, those who had no income because they couldn't work. Big fear of the Unknown stirred up. Then we add the election, and the divide, tantrums, righteousness, judgement and polarization. Manipulations seemed to arrive from every angle, attempting to sway us, program us, frighten us, enrage us. What stirred in your depths?

It feels like we have had an initiation process. A sort of vision quest has arrived for many of us. Questioning authority, right relationship with each other and the Earth, where our food supplies come from, what we need to be comfortable. What we need to feel alive. What we simply can not do without. How complicated we have made our lives. What our personal value is, to ourselves. How we feel about death. As Rising Appalachia sings: "Stand up and look around...." What have you seen this year that you may not have seen without this strong alchemy? Did you try to look away? What are you agreeing with?

I'd like to believe I grew wiser this year, through 2020 Clarity. I'd like to believe many many grew wiser. That energy is still expanding.

As I entered this year, I chose three words as guides to experience and invite me to see from different view points, an energetic invocation to travel with as I moved forward. I learned this practice from Keri Louise. Some people consider what their word(s) or phrase will be in the weeks leading up to New Year's day. You might pick angel cards to get a word or words. As I awake on New Year's day, I flood myself with reiki and let "my" words rise in to my awareness.

My 2020 words were Magic, Focus, and Stillness. They provided support and assistance as I navigated a year of new Focus. I started a new job and also began to offer more Unwinding sessions. Early in the year I traveled to Amrit Yoga Institute and learned how to hold Nidra sessions, the deep root system of Stillness. I gave more attention to my website. AND I gave more attention to me. Magic opened wider avenues of delight and wonder as I communed with the flowers, trees and sunsets. It was through the door of Stillness that Focus and Magic entered and grew. My usual Type A do-do-do stepped aside to allow more space to BE instead of do. Lol which doesn't mean I sat around all day. I feel like I have been living in a world of self distraction. Slowing down meant inspecting some things I'd rather not look at. Slowing down meant honoring myself as much as I honored every thing/one else. Slowing down meant using the word "no". (Those last four sentences just floated off my finger tips. This is exactly what I am trying to convey. The words you chose *inform* and whisper wisdom....companions in your forward motion and reflection. Conversations from Consciousness, the space where we are awake and deeply listening.)

Looking forward to my 2021 words (energetic vibrations) arriving. It is strong Magic and guidance. It invites a manifesting awareness and resonance in ways that might surprise you! Having a Focus of what you'd like to learn about on a deeper level allows self-evolving in a mindful way. And through Stillness and Presence, arrives a noticing of how the words show up, which can be interesting, to comical, to challenging.

As we climb into the 2021 vessel together, may your days be filled with Blessings, Love, Grace and 2020 Vision.

With all my Love,

Erica Jo

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