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Drinking Pine Needles??

One of my most absolutely popular teas!

It starts with a visit to my backyard Pine trees. I stop and listen closely for any whisperings as the wind slowly (or briskly) travels through. Of course I always thank the trees, and then carefully prune just a few sprigs to start a batch of Pine Needle Chai. I let them sit for a few days to reduce the sappiness.

Using my sharp garden scissors (Joyce Chen brand) I snip tiny snips of their fine needles into my grandmother's yellow Pyrex bowl.

In the meantime, I roast chopped Dandelion root to deepen its flavor. Once it is cool, the craft begins.

I mix the Pine needles and roasted root, then cinnamon, ginger, anise, cloves and my favorite cardamom. I add pink and white pepper corns for both colorful delight, and for their herbal qualities.

Not only do you get an amazing cup of caffeine-free, rich flavored tea, it is also an infusion of powerful herbal allies! Nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.

Add some local honey to sweeten the deal, and elevate even further the nourishing goodness of this special blend.

Blessings and Joy,

Erica Jo

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