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Glimmer- verb- shine faintly with a wavering light

A new addition to the popular Magical Mists!

This is a delightfully fragranced personal clearing spray. Use when you are feeling frumpy or just left the company of someone who left you feeling not so fresh. Can be used to energetically clear a room, or energy workers love it for a finish spray at the end of a session.

Contains Palo Santo *berry* essential oil! So important for me as the Palo Santo trees are being pillaged and raped to make money on the highly fragranced and sacred wood. The oil extracted from the berries means the tree stays alive and sustainable. The villages who are taught to extract the oil from the berries learn a sustainable way to earn a living. This is the Sacred, not chain sawing and patriarchal taking from Gaia.

I added the also sacred frankincense and myrrh essential oils to bring in energetic depth. This recipe all began to form upon waking from a dream which the idea of putting patchouli and pine fragrances together arrived. The patchouli offers a balancing vibe. I didn't have any pine essential oil left, I did however have one called Fresh Forest which included pine, balsam, cedar, cypress, juniper, and lime of all things! I tried it all out and "Glimmer" arrived. This is all high quality essential oils (I use Aura Cacia due to the sustainability, and especially their Positive Change Project supporting women and girls creating opportunities for their growth and forward motion.)

All of these delicious fragrances combine to create a lightly fruity clearing and grounding experience.

In the glass bottle I add 11 gemstone crumbs, and use Full Moon charged and reiki'd water to add extra deLight. When shaken, the bottle also offers a rattle sound when shook, further breaking up any lingering unwanted energies.

Each bottle is freshly made to order.

2 ounces of pure magic.


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