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In a cocoon...

Winter invites us to slow down, quiet, settle like snowflakes onto the couch with a nice hot cup of WCW tea. The energy of winter is akin to a sweet long exhale.

And yet still we scamper, and do, and stress about what we can't do, what needs to be done, what we aren't getting to. We stress about lack of motivation to do, wanting to pack the day with accomplishments, perhaps a marker of proof of our existence. What if we harmonized with the invitation to became still like winter? What if we snuck onto our "to-do list" nourishing items like a bath, or an hour to read? Or how about a long stretching session or an Amrit Yoga Nidra meditation? What if we allowed some non-doing to be part of the race of always doing? *without feeling guilty about it.....

I have felt the last few days like I am more than wiggling in my winter cocoon. I feel like I am thrashing to get out. I am exhausted. I blame it on the virus, the times, my Pisces energy. I blame it on too much to do, too many ideas, wandering unsettled. I blame it on FB, anxiety, the news. Fear of scarcity and the unknown. All this talk about the 5D energy has me overwhelmed. I am very energy sensitive. I feeeeeel what is happening in a depth that makes me want to hide in my closet somedays, and other days burst with joy, while all the time marching along to accomplish this or that.

All my blaming in the above paragraph is what is called "victim language". It is the lens in which we look, the choices we are making, to nourish the idea of being held captive. My ability to respond compromised, while I hold in my heart my own sovereign key to Truth. Energy follows attention. The Truth will never be exhausting. The Truth will not throw tantrums or storm buildings. The Truth has no need to defend because it is "right". The Truth doesn't blame. The Truth doesn't fight, it listens and honors.

The Truth does not thrash around, it quietly breathes. It watches. It responds, not reacts. It notices what it needs to nourish Itself, and makes those choices, breath by breath. It harmonizes with what IS, while seeing clearly what is NOT. A depth of awareness, a rooted presence, a calm that permeates. The Light of Truth simply glows silently, like a winter's evening lit candle.

I held in my hand once the cocoon for a Hawk moth. This is a huge vessel all tightly wrapped, with the most magical magic happening within. The big juicy caterpillar had no idea what was going on. It had eaten like a total hog, devouring almost without stopping, morphing through four growth spurts (instars)(4D?). Before "becoming", the caterpillar will stop eating, throw up some gross slushy stuff, and seemingly wander aimlessly for a bit, digging into the earth and rising back out several times. She's not sure what's happening, and yet, it all continues to happen, perfectly on schedule, as she responds to the impulses. Finally she settles either burying herself in the earth like a seed, or wrapping herself in bits of foliage like a wearing an enchanted cloak.

This process might sound/feel like a familiar process to some, individually and collectively. The cool thing that brings me to share this story is as I held the cocoon in my hand, she was not thrashing. She was strongly vibrating. Pulsing with so much energy that you could feel the quivering through the glass jar she had arrived in. She was in a deep dream state, trusting fully, without having any grasp of what was happening *FOR* her.

*She let go*

So we can believe we are thrashing with anxiety, or we can believe we are magically resonating with the perfection of metamorphosis. We can tantrum about how we don't like something/someone, or we can follow the truth of spreading our own wings. We can recognize we are being invited forward, even if it feels like we want to throw up, and breath by breath inch towards our true flight path. We all have the choice to make choices.

I choose to breathe, and fly forward. xoxo

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